Snoop Dogg Joins Tom Brady On SiriusXM Podcast

Snoop Dogg Joins Tom Brady On SiriusXM Podcast

On yesterday’s episode of the SiriusXM podcast “Let’s Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray”, Brady and Gray spoke about yesterday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, and looked ahead to the Bucs’ upcoming Christmas night matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, which will be the first time Brady is playing on Christmas.

Tom and Jim are also joined by Snoop Dogg.

The three talk about the World Cup, react to the improbable ending to yesterday’s Patriots-Raiders game, and Snoop performs his own impromptu version of the Christmas classic “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”.

Jim Gray: “How you doing today, Tommy? It was a rough go yesterday.”

Tom Brady: “I’m all right. I’m all right. Just as you described, rough day and, man, losing sucks. It’s just the reality. There’s not a lot of explanation. Unfortunately I’ve had to do too much of that this year. So just learning from it and trying to be better. And obviously woke up at 3:00 AM this morning just trying to figure out, you know, I just had some real sh—- plays yesterday at the end of the day. So you can’t win when the quarterback turns it over four times. And that’s on me. So that’s how I feel.”


Gray: “You’re so used to winning and now you find yourself in this circumstance. You’ve gone from GOAT by winning that game against New Orleans. Everybody’s saying, ‘How does he keep doing this? He’s just incredible.’ To now what’s happened in the last two weeks. It’s like, ‘Why is he still playing this game?’ Can you talk about just the emotional aspect? Forget about what outsiders think. What’s going on with you internally?”

Brady: “No, it’s a good question. And it’s interesting because you would think, oh, well, why is he still playing? Because all you want to do is win, and that’s all sports should be about is winning. And I agree it should be about winning, but it’s also, I’m looking at it like, no, what am I learning? What am I learning from putting a similar amount of energy in over the last couple years and not winning? What is that teaching me? You know, why should we feel like we’re just entitled to win all the time? We’re not. That’s not what life’s about. And I think anyone who’s gone through life and struggles at their job or struggles in other aspects of life, when you do put effort and energy into it, you know, what are you learning from that as opposed to, you know, why is that happening to you and for you? You’re not a victim of that. We’re not a victim of losing games. The sun came up today. We’ve got something to do about it. We woke up, we have a chance. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. So get up, go into work and make it better, and improve it and work harder and work more determined.”


Gray: “You haven’t played on Christmas. … Now you’re gonna be spending Christmas Eve in a hotel in Arizona somewhere, and Christmas day you’re gonna wake up to perhaps housekeeping knocking on your door. Then you got a big game on Sunday night. What’s this gonna be like for you?”

Brady: “It’ll be a new experience that I’ve never had before that I’m gonna learn how to deal with. And I think that’s what life’s about. So you just asked a question about what have you learned from this football season? I’m gonna learn how to deal with Christmas Eve in a hotel, and I’m gonna have to learn how to deal with Christmas and Christmas night and still go out there and be a professional, and then look forward to celebrating Christmas with my kids the day after. Which is, you know, just part of what football season has been for a long time. So it’s just, again, emotional aspects that allow us to thrive. There’s physical, mental, emotional. Those are the different challenges that we face in our lives and in all of us. I talked to a businessman. He was like, ‘God, all your injuries over the years.’ I said, ‘Yeah, football’s a tough sport. There’s a lot of injuries to deal with.’ And he goes, ‘Look, I’ve been a businessman all these years so there’s a lot of s— I deal with too. I deal with anxiety. I deal with stress. I deal with all that. I deal with high blood pressure.’ And I said, you’re right. I may deal with broken fingers and broken ribs and torn ligaments, but, you know, other people are dealing with s— too. And that’s good perspective to have.”


Gray: “Let’s talk about that Raiders play. I know that went against your Patriots, and it doesn’t make up for the Tuck Rule game because they’ll never get over that, but they’ll be playing that one for a long time in Raiderland.”

Brady: “That was, I mean, crazy. And I was a part of the one in Miami with 2017 when we lost at Miami on the Miami Miracle. It was just so improbable for that to happen. I saw that highlight as I was driving home from the game yesterday. And it’s just sports, man. They just, you never know. You never know. Anything can happen and it’s the coordination of so many people, right? Because there’s a lot of players and the quarterback gets the play call from the coach, the quarterback gives the information to the players. Now the players have got to do something with it. And the coach has been talking to everybody. You try to prepare in advance and, you know, it’s just a crazy game. I saw Rhamondre [Stevenson] got the ball, it was a great run. I’m sure the Raiders at that point were like, ‘Tackle him! Tackle him!’ Then they pitched it to Jakobi [Meyers] and Jakobi’s trying to make it happen…and then in the moment you might lose your train of thought because you lose what’s really going on in the situation. You think, ‘Oh, someone tossed me the ball, I gotta make a play.’ And sometimes that’s the worst thing when you say, ‘I gotta make a play.’ And the play was obviously to go to overtime. But, man, that’s sports…”

Snoop Dogg: “That is not in Bill Belichick’s playbook with all that nonsense. He is not with the nonsense. I could just see him like, ‘What in the hell is going on? Get down, young man. Get down!’”

Gray: “How do you think that meeting went with Coach Belichick today, Tommy? Give us an idea how that went.”

Brady: “They’re all learning. This is the thing. I think they’re all learning lessons, but at the same time that’s probably never gonna happen again. So just like that Miami Miracle, we changed some strategy after that play. I think there’s another word for just kneel on the ball and go to overtime. But it, it wasn’t good. And there’s probably, look there’s a lot of reasons why you win or lose and I know everyone always points to one play, and that particular play because it was so incredible. They’re gonna show it probably forever. But there’s probably other plays in the game which, knowing Coach Belichick, he’s probably like, ‘Guys, these are the 20 other things we could have done to win the game, too.’ Which is, you know, part of his great coaching.”

Gray: “Now, Snoop, that was done with the reverence and respect of a man who he won six Super Bowls with. Now give it to us real. What do you think Coach Belichick really was saying today?”

Snoop: “Cussing them the f— out right now. (laughter) ‘Do your job!’”


Brady: “Snoop, what was the most stoned you’ve ever been in your whole life?”

Snoop: “With Willie F—ing Nelson. (Laughter) We was in Amsterdam on 4/20 and he was doing a concert out there. He performed on the 19th and I performed on the 20th. So we went back to his hotel room and we was playing dominoes. So Willie had a vape, a joint, I had a blunt, and he had a pipe. So me and him were playing dominoes one-on-one, he’ whooping my ass and I’m just getting higher and higher and higher. And he just keep passing it to me and I’m like, this old m—–f—–‘s out smoking me and I’m trying to stop, but I can’t ‘cause I don’t wanna show no signs of weakness! (laughter)”

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