Smoke DZA, Nym Lo, & 183rd Drop 'Driplomatic Immunity' EP + 'Trust Issues' Video

Smoke DZA, Nym Lo, & 183rd Drop ‘Driplomatic Immunity’ EP + ‘Trust Issues’ Video

Smoke DZA, Nym Lo, & 183rd release new EP 'Driplomatic Immunity' plus "Trusts Issues" video

After recently teaming up with Real Bad Man for the collaborative drop 'Mood Swings', Smoke DZA is back with his RFC Crew–Nym Lo & 183rd–to present 'Driplomatic Immunity'.

"When I locked in with my brothers (Nym Lo & 183rd) to do this project I wanted to give the world the best representation of what uptown sounds and looks like in just eight songs" DZA asserted. "We represent of the heart of the hustlers… this is 'Driplomatic Immunity'."

Along with the new EP, DZA also released a new visual for "Trust Issues", which can be viewed below.

'Driplomatic Immunity' is now available at all DSPs and the lone guest appearance on the project is courtesy of Rome Streetz.

You can now purchase, stream, add, and favorite Smoke DZA, Nym Lo, & 183rd's 'Driplomatic Immunity' EP at your preferred DSP