Skinny-C Speaks On Nobody Famous, His EP ‘The Commencement’, & More w/VannDigital

Atlanta rapper Skinny-C on June 16, 2017 [1st Press Photo]

A while back, Atlanta rapper Skinny-C made his debut on The DigiSpot with the music video for his track “Get Down” which happens to be the first single from ‘The Commencement‘–his new EP produced entirely by ATL beatsmith Nobody Famous. He recently took the time out to chop it up with us about said EP, visual, & producer plus other various topics which you can give a read below…

VannDigital: What was the inspiration for naming your new EP ‘The Commencement‘???

Skinny-C: The inspiration came from when I was at crossroad in my life and didn’t know which way to go. I had so many personal issues that I could not focus on my craft as I should and my career felt stagnant. Staring at this fork in the road I knew the next step would be a major change of action. Either I hang my mic up or shift gears into high speed and go harder than ever. I was leaning toward the former, henceforth “the beginning of the ending”, which is the definition of the commencement.

You shot the video for “Get Down” in front of Turner Field. Is there a part of you implicitly trying to keep the spirit of old Atlanta alive through choices like these??? What do you think is being lost???

Yes, that was the purpose of filming in front of Turner Field, to remind/show folks this is the Atlanta I’m from, I just reside in the new Atlanta. No shade to the new Atlanta, because I love my city forever but I was raised in the 90s and I felt that it would be symbolic to show a prevalent landmark before they tear it down or renovate it. Those who were in the city in the 90s or prior most likely will drift down memory lane when they see Turner Field. Plus, when it comes to sports, Atlanta never wins chips. The only one we have are 3 MLB world series. I wasn’t around for the first 2, but I vividly remember winning in 1995!

Atlanta rapper Skinny-C on June 16, 2017 [2nd Press Photo]

What made you decide to choose Nobody Famous as your collaborative partner for this project???

Nobody Famous brings out the best of me. I knew he would come thru with that sound I wanted. I’ve been down with him since ’01, he was my first producer. I was thinking if I’mma go out, I’mma go out with who I started with. Not saying this is my last project, but just know if there is a complete project produced entirely by Nobody Famous, it’s possible that it could be the last.

What was your joint creative process for this record??? How did the songs come together???

About 90% of my records are created in the car. So for this one, NF would email me about 10 beats per week, then we’d hit the studio every other week and just record. For concept and writing process it was while driving and having NF beats on repeat.


Shoutout to Nobody Famous for the production/mixing. Shoutout to Tony at Platinum Base Studios for the mastering. Shoutout to everyone who purchased the album and shared it. Shout out to James of Dunn Deal PR.