@Siya – I Know I Know [MP3]

@Siya - I Know I Know [MP3]

A star of Oxygen's "Sisterhood Of Hip Hop", Siya has already captured national attention, mostly by bullying tracks with her aggressive yet conversational flow. In the run up to her upcoming debut album 'SIYAvsSIYA', the Bed-Stuy native shows her versatility with the somber "I Know I Know". Opening with solemn piano, the track fills in with a rumbling bass and the distant clap of snares, allowing Siya to demonstrate a more laid back side of her. Even in her more relaxed state, Siya is realer than most, promising those who want to be a thug that she'll send them back where they came from. "I Know I Know" follows up the more sinister "My Sons", a boastful track dedicated to Siya's squad, as the second single off of 'SIYAvsSIYA', releasing December 9th.

A versatile 16-track effort, 'SIYAvsSIYA' finds the Brooklyn native rhyming in many styles. Over the Brooklyn-style noir-ish boom-bap of "Body" and "OMD" to the dreamlike electronics on "Only You", Siya proves that she can go toe-to-toe with the best rappers in New York City. Signed to R&B Money, run by R&B icon Tank, and distributed through EMPIRE, Siya is the latest in a line of successful Bedford-Stuyvesant rappers, following such luminaries as The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Kim, & Mos Def. Though Siya is not yet on that level, 'SIYAvsSIYA' demonstrates her boundless potential and magnetic personality.

Born in California to a drug-addicted mother, Siya re-located to Brooklyn with her father when she was seven. Soon after moving, her father was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Raised by her grandmother who fought in vain to keep her off the streets, Siya encountered legal trouble that landed her in prison, where she discovered her passion for rapping. After her release, Siya moved to Atlanta, where she caught the attention of Tank, who immediately took her under his wing. In 2012, Siya & Tank released the collaborative 'D.Y.K.E.', its title track receiving over 50,000 downloads on iTunes. In 2014, Siya became the breakout star of Oxygen's T.I.-produced "The Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop" reality show starring five female rappers who navigate their way through the male-dominated music industry. Behind the scenes clips of the making of 'SIYAvsSIYA' appeared on the most recent season of "Sisterhood".