Singer Kenyon Dixon Speaks On ‘Closer (Deluxe)’ Album + More

Singer Kenyon Dixon Speaks On 'Closer (Deluxe)' Album + More

Nowadays, it’s hard to tell the difference between R&B music and Trap music as modern-day R&B has become a fusion of the two. One modern-day R&B artist in particular, Kenyon Dixon, is a perfect example of how true R&B/Soul music is still alive in 2022. We at VannDigital recently chopped it up with Dixon about the deluxe edition of his ‘Closer’ album plus a lot more. You can get into what was discussed plus give Dixon’s ‘Closer (Deluxe)’ album a listen below…

VannDigital: What’s good famo?

Kenyon Dixon: R&B! I feel like that’s the only proper answer, right? Lol it’s in good hands but I’m also well 🙏🏽

What made you want to pursue music as a career move?

I grew up in the arts and in a musical family, so it was kinda always present even though I didn’t LOVE it until I got a little older and understood it on my own. It was also an escape from my environment and a great replacement for trouble.

How did the ‘Closer’ album come about?

After hearing all of the discourse around the current state of R&B, I honestly just wanted to make an undeniable body of work that would end the conversation and the idea that R&B is “dead”. I could debate about it all day but what better way to combat it than to just put out more of the music.

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Tell us about the deluxe edition of ‘Closer’.

‘CLOSER (Deluxe)’ is really just more of the R&B we love and have always loved. I think nostalgia plays a huge part in why R&B music makes us feel the way we do and so I wanted to make sure I continued to capture it in the most perfect way. When those feelings can consistently be evoked every time you listen to a song, that’s what makes it a classic. That’s ‘Closer’. That’s ‘Closer Deluxe’.

What can the listener expect to take away from ‘Closer’ (original and deluxe)?

The feeling of being restored. I think that’s the biggest takeaway. If you really love R&B, REAL classic R&B, this is an effort that will most definitely restore that feeling for you, if you’ve ever doubted its existence in today’s climate.

Any upcoming events we should be aware of?

Always more music. More shows as well. Possibly another tour? I guess we’ll see lol. Got some cool collaborations being released soon too.

Kenyon Dixon’s ‘Closer (Deluxe)’ album is also available now to stream and cop on all major DSPs