Singer @JonquiaRose Speaks On Music, Life, & More w/@VannDigital

Jonquia Rose - From The Ashes [Music Video Clip]

Jackson, Mississippi vocalist & songwriter Jonquia Rose recently made her debut on VannDigital with the Olskool Ice-Gre-directed video for the DJ Self Born-produced single “From The Ashes” which is taken from her recently released EP, ‘Single Mom: Episode 1‘. In addition to that, Rose also took the time out to wax poetic with us and you can give what was discussed a read below…

VannDigital: What do you feel is the strongest line you’ve ever written and why?

Jonquia Rose: That’s a tough one. Trying to figure out the strongest line I wrote would depend on where my head was at the time that I wrote it. The line that I’m remembering right now is “Don’t waste your time trying to understand it; survive it”. I used to go through situations wondering why is this happening? I got so caught up in the “why” and forgot that I still needed to survive the situation.

What’s a life motto you try to live by?

Live my best life daily and make choices to reflect the life I want to live. Lately, I’ve been trying my hardest to begin each day with the end goal always in mind. No time for slacking.

‘Single Mother’ is a concept that many women can relate to. What has been some of the feedback you’ve heard from women after hearing the material? Some of my friends who have heard the EP, get or understand the concept or the mind state I represent. They usually say, “this is what we need”. “We”, being the single mothers out here who are still figuring it out but still manage to do an awesome job at raising their kids. Someone told me they listened to “From The Ashes” just to get them going in the morning. That is what pushes me. That’s my motivation.

Jonquia Rose on February 14, 2018 [Press Photo]

What are your plans for 2018?

2018 means it’s time to hit beast mode! I plan on performing more and really spreading meaningful words around the world. I really want to be an integral part of the positive takeover in the music industry. I plan to take more risks and push myself more, musically.

How’s Dallas? How is your music being received there?

Dallas is okay, I’m just networking and waiting on my Cali come back. My team has gotten the single From the Ashes to DJ’s in the area so it’s circulating now, so we’ll soon see. I know a lot of women who appreciate and respect the vision of the project because being a single mom is so regular these days. I want my EP to encourage and motivate people, like recording it has done for me. My hope is it helps single moms to think out of the box and not become a victim of circumstance.