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This Is Silkk The Shocker’s Response To Being On WOAT Lists…

In the world of entertainment, you’ll always have your GOAT lists as well as your WOAT lists. With all that in mind, fans of entertainment will always be divided between the two.

How an artist accepts criticism from fans is anyone’s guess. Most artists have no problem with the positive feedback they receive while most artists (of today, for the most part) take offense to the negative feedback they get.

And that brings us to Master P’s youngest brother Silkk The Shocker & his run in the rap game from the late 90s-early 00s. Even as a high school kid (when the whole No Limit Records were burning up the charts), I always felt like Silkk was 1 of the worst rappers on No Limit Records as well as the worst rapper in Master P’s now-defunct group TRU.

With me not being the only 1 that think Silkk The Shocker is the wackest of all time, I’m sure Silkk has felt some kind of way about the negative criticism he receives on the regular. This was his response to being on WOAT lists, via VladTV, below…

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