Sia Shells feat. Ekelle “Girl Gang” (Video)

Sia Shells feat. Ekelle "Girl Gang" (Video)

Toronto singer Sia Shells shares her new single and video, “Girl Gang”, featuring fellow Toronto artist Ekelle.

“Girl Gang” is about girl power.

This is an inclusive mantra for girls everywhere, chock-full of positive energy that will boost their confidence.

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In collaboration with Ekelle, this song is meant to be shouted from the rooftops and blasted from the speakers in the clubs so females can dance all of their troubles away and get all that negativity out of their system.

“Girl Gang” is a song you listen to whenever you’re feeling down for an instant serotonin boost with a sprinkle of divine female energy.

Sia Shells had this to say about the track, “The ‘90s video game twist is a nod to our favorite era. A formative time for women everywhere, when amazing groups like the Spice Girls represented girl power. The video is a compilation of our ‘IRL’ girl gang adventures this past summer filmed by different women in our lives, a perfect way to keep the momentum and high vibrations going through the colder and long year ahead.”

Sia Shells’ “Girl Gang” track is also available now to stream and cop on all major DSPs