Mr. Short Khop (feat. @KokaneOfficial) » Dollaz, Drank, & Dank [Uncut]

Dollaz, Drank, & Dank video by Mr. Short Khop & Kokane

Best Quality Explicit Video Version...From The 2001 Album : Da Khop Shop

Mr. Short Khop, (pronounced "short chop") or simply Short Khop is an American rapper. He encountered Ice Cube in front of a 7 Eleven convenience store in South Central, California. Ice Cube eventually struck a deal with the newcomer, and soon Short Khop made guest appearances in Ice Cube's 1998 War & Peace - Volume 1 (The War Disc). To return the favor, Ice Cube appeared on Short Khop's debut 2001 album, Da Khop Shop. Khop was mentioned in William Shaw's 1999 book Westsider's. To date, he has not released a follow-up to his debut album.