Shaun White On “Cold As Balls”

Shaun White On "Cold As Balls"

Olympic snowboarder Shaun White talks scariest moment of his career and friendship with Tony Hawk on “Cold As Balls”.

We at The DigiSpot share this week’s episode of “Cold As Balls” from LOL Network.

The season finale features 5x Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White as he joins Kevin to discuss the scariest moment of his career where he bounced off a wall onto his face training for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

However, 2 weeks later he then nails that same trick without any other practice!!!

He also talks about how he got the attention of Tony Hawk, and how retirement for snowboarding is a lot easier than other sports.

Watch below as Shaun, Kevin, and the “Cold As Balls” crew get into an epic snowball fight.

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Episode highlights include:

  • Shaun reveals he had sponsors as early as age 7 (1:44 – 2:27)
  • Shaun talks about his last run at the Olympics, how his competitors made him cry, and why retirement from snowboarding is easier than other sports (1:05 – 1:50)
  • White reminisces about his scariest moment in snowboarding: trying a new trick in New Zealand that ended with him bouncing of the wall and his face getting split open – cut to the Olympics 2 weeks later, he nails that same trick without doing a single other practice run (3:05 – 4:21)
  • Shaun tells the story how he and Tony Hawk met, and how Tony became his biggest motivation and mentor (6:00 – 6:40)
  • Shaun compares being in a band to playing a team sport, which is a lot harder than only worrying about himself in snowboarding (7:34 – 8:23)
  • Shaun reveals why he cut his hair – he had a run in with Carrot Top in Vegas who warned him to “do it now before it’s too late” (9:42 – 10:08)

White’s episode marks the season 6 finale of “Cold As Balls”. All of season 6 can be found on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, Cold As Balls Facebook page, and Hart’s Facebook page.