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The Motion Soundtrack EP by Sha Stimuli

Sha Stimuli and Focus… begin discussing working together on The Motion Soundtrack in March of 2012 while traveling together to SXSW to perform at a showcase. The EP will include all original production from Focus…. Sha explains about how the creative process has been working with Focus…, “The first time I got a song really produced was with Focus… last year on the A3C bus. We wanted to continue that and do an entire album together. This is the precursor to that album. Every song was done from scratch in a room together. I feel happy making music again.”

Focus… and Sha share more than previous tracks they have recorded together, Focus…’s production career began in the same way that Sha’s career as a hip-hop artist started, with the influence of a family member, in Focus’… case it was his father. In his years as a producer Focus… has produced tracks for 50 Cent, Kandi Burress, Slaughterhouse, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Destiny’s Child and many others.

In 2012 Sha Stimuli has released for the second time in four years an unprecedented ten EPs to date and will continue with one a month through the end of 2012. The Motion Soundtrack is number 11 in The Rent Tape Series. The other titles have included: The Chills, The Calling, The Emcee (which was nominated for 2012 Underground Hip-Hop Award award for Best Hip-Hop Album), The New Me: Sherod Khaalis, The Old Me: How I Met Your Baby Mother, The Upper Room, The 9.2.5, The Savior and The March.

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