Scritchmatic “Pulp Fiction” (Audio)

Kansas City’s Scritchmatic drops his fast-paced, hard-hitting new single, “Pulp Fiction”, produced by Fantom Of The Beat.

Up-and-coming rapper Scritchmatic connects with legendary producer Fantom Of The Beat (aka Haas G of The U.M.C.’s) for a new banger, “Pulp Fiction”, that’s filled with the wit and aggression of the film of the same name.

Scritch may be relatively new to the scene, but the Kansas City-based emcee is making a name for himself with a slick flow, sharp sense of humor, and distinct voice.

It’s an ideal combination for any artist, but especially one who’s confident enough to make use of his talents.

And he’s doing exactly that with “Pulp Fiction”, a track he aptly describes as like a fast-paced, hard-hitting, hip-hop action movie.

The goal for Scritch was to create something that’ll leave the listener thinking, “Wait, what just happened?” when the track ends.

And you’ll no doubt feel that, too, thanks in part to Fantom’s soulful, energetic instrumental.

It mixes perfectly with Scritchmatic’s own energy, which is as infectious as his rhymes like, “A shot to your face and your stomach is next / Give game to the young’n’s and I run with the vets.

“Pulp Fiction” is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Fantomusic.Rec and Management: Tarantino 1440 Entertainment!!!

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