Science Professor Calls Neil deGrasse Tyson The N-Word Then Claims He’s Not Racist

Science Professor Calls Neil deGrasse Tyson The N-Word Then Claims He’s Not Racist

A physical science professor at Michigan’s Ferris State University has been placed on administrative leave after posting racist and homophobic slurs in rant that called the coronavirus pandemic a “leftist stunt,” according to sources.

In a statement, Thomas Brennan said he’s being “unfairly portrayed as a racist and anti-Semite,” while adding that he believe the pandemic has been exaggerated by the media and the government.

In a statement this Monday, FSU President David Eisler said the university “strongly rejects” and condemns Brennan’s statements.

“We strongly reject these statements, condemn them and will not tolerate them,” Eisler said. We have worked diligently to become a more diverse university, and these statements demonstrate vividly how one person can set back the work of many.”

From his Twitter account, Brennan said that “the covid stunt has failed. You won’t get your leftist new world order.” He also claimed that “Covid19 is another jewish revolution,” according to the university’s newspaper.

“Fuck this evil wizard,” he wrote in reference to a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Other tweets promote conspiracy theories about the cause of coronavirus, which he claims originates from cellphones.

“Could be as simple as: Corona virus is partly caused by cell phones, wifi, and not just 5G, but 4G and 3G. When 2G/3G started, I could feel it. In 2005, I got mysteriously short of breath. It was horrible. Apricot pits helped me recover. You could easily confuse that for corona.”

In one tweet, Brennan called famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson a “worthless nigger.” In the same tweet, he also denies the existence of black holes, the moon landing, and atomic bombs.

In response to his tweets referencing a “Jewish mafia,” Brennan told Patriot-News that he does not believe middle-class Jewish people are involved in an international conspiracy, “only that a small number of their elites are.”

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