Russell Wilson On Kevin Hart's 'Cold As Balls: Cold Calls'

Russell Wilson On Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls: Cold Calls’

Today, we share with you the latest episode of "Cold As Balls: Cold Calls" from Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud featuring Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Russ joins Hart to dish on everything from Ciara and expecting their third child during the pandemic, to the decision that went into choosing football over baseball, and how much time he has left in the NFL.

Additional Episode Highlights Include:

  • Wilson opens up about his father getting very sick and passing away in June 2010, the day after he got drafted "The highest of the high to the lowest of the low, just like that. And that was heavy on me, I had to take control of my own career, my own life, my own destiny and make the decision I had to make" –4:00
  • Wilson shared the moment Coach Pete Carroll told him he was going to be the franchise QB of the Seahawks after starting out as a 3rd string QB at training camp.
  • Wilson dishes on what the media deemed as "the worst play call in NFL history" during Super Bowl 49 and Russ' locker room stance as the world questioned the decision "That was a heavy time. You don't really know what to say. We knew we were going to the Super Bowl, we knew we were going to win it. All that kind of changed in that moment." –8:45
  • Wilson discusses overcoming the judgment he's received for being a small quarterback and the haters who've said he'd never make it in the NFL.
  • Wilson shares he'd like to make it to at least 13-15 years before retiring.