Ronda Rousey Takes No BS From Kevin Hart On ‘Cold As Balls All-Stars’

Ronda Rousey Takes No BS From Kevin Hart On 'Cold As Balls All-Stars'

Fresh off of last week’s season premiere episode featuring Terrell Owens that garnered over 2.2M views, Kevin returns to the cold tub with WWE superstar and UFC champion, Ronda Rousey, who was just handed the first loss of her WWE career over the weekend.

Watch as Kevin tries not to let Ronda intimidate him as she hilariously challenges him mentally and physically, while also opening up about her life story.

Episode highlights include:

  • Ronda and Kevin, who are both swimmers (in their own right), talk about their favorite stroke, and how Ronda got into swimming
  • Ronda goes into intimate details about her life story from how she dealt with her speech impediment, losing her father as a child, winning her first Olympic medal at her second Olympics because the refs screwed her over at her first Olympic debut at 16 years old, to transitioning into MMA
  • Ronda shares the important lesson that Rowdy Rowdy Piper’s son taught her

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