It's All About 'The Ride' For HighBred (@ChordzCordero & @SirManley) & Zo' Kimoni
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It’s All About ‘The Ride’ For HighBred (@ChordzCordero & @SirManley) & Zo’ Kimoni

Chordz Cordero (Jamaica, Queens, NY) & Sir Manley (Muskegon, MI), bring you back to a time where music was simple: good music, good lyrics, good choruses. What more could you ask for??? Tired of the same topics, sounds, & lack of creativity in the industry, they’ve come together to begin a movement of new Soul + Hip-Hop. This movement has been given the title HighBred & represents a new quality of soulful, truthful music. The ‘HighBred‘ album is available today, you can support it here!!!