Rico James feat. Rhinoceros Funk “When I Spit” (Video)

Rico James feat. Rhinoceros Funk "When I Spit" (Video)

Rico James featuring Rhinoceros Funk
“When I Spit”
Official Music Video

On “When I Spit“, Rico James sets the scene for the man they call Rhinoceros Funk.

Utilizing heavy drums, and the truly epic sounding backdrop of choirs and tones, Rhinoceros Funk weaves rhyme patterns and shines with his strong vocal tones and powerful delivery.

Comfortable and confident, Rhino floats over the ever building landscape of harmonies and percussion that really shows its boom bap essence and shows you exactly what Rico James is here to do.

Make noise, and keep your head nodding.

The single can be found on Rico’s album, ‘Language Of Spirits‘, out now on Man Bites Dog Records.