Rickey Smiley Pulls Up On White Man That Called Black Women The N-Word

Rickey Smiley Pulls Up On White Man That Called Black Women The N-Word

Rickey Smiley recently confronted a White man who reportedly harassed two Black women and called them the N-word. Smiley, an accomplished radio personality and comedian, recorded the incident which took place during a recent boating trip in Florida, according to sources.

In the video posted on his social media page, Smiley and two other Black men approached a White man who was standing on a dock. Smiley told the man that he had a video of him calling two Black women the N-word.

“My sister was just walking through the gate, she came in about 30 minutes ago,” Smiley said to the unidentified man. “She probably walked in front of your truck. ‘Cause we just pulled up the videotape and you were like ‘fuckin’ nigger.’ We got it on tape.”

The White man initially attempted to deny the accusation before Smiley interrupted him and asked for an apology. One of the men with Smiley asked the White man why he used the racial slur. The White man responded by saying, “I didn’t mean to OK? I was just … irritated.”

Smiley scolded the man by saying, “Hey, don’t do it again. We are not our fucking ancestors, do you understand?”

The man agreed by nodding before Smiley continued, “I will baptize you in that water behind you. Don’t ever do it again, do you understand? Have a nice day.”

One of the Black men with Smiley interjected by telling the White man, “See how scared you’re feeling right now? That’s how you made her feel. You really don’t mean that shit, you just saying that shit because you’re scared. You see all these Black people and you feel threatened. That’s what the fuck is wrong.”

The encounter comes at a time when race relations in America continue to suffer.

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