Rich Eisen On “RG3 & The Ones” Podcast

Rich Eisen On “RG3 & The Ones” Podcast

Rich Eisen doesn’t think the Kelce Brothers should retire anytime soon on the “RG3 & The Ones” podcast.

We share this week’s all-new episode of “RG3 & The Ones”, presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment and hosted by Robert Griffin III, as he is joined by one of the most respected names in sports media for the last three decades, Rich Eisen.

RG3 and Rich talk about how media has transformed since the ‘90s, Stephen A. Smith, Ocho Cinco’s podcast, and Draymond Green drama.

Rich also shares exclusive stories of the late Stuart Scott, his thoughts on the MVP race, and whether the Kelce brothers should retire.


  • [6:45] Rich shares his opinion on sports opinion shows
  • [12:00] Rich talks about Stephen A. Smith and what he brings to sports media
  • [39:25] Rich shares his thoughts on who will win the college football playoffs
  • [44:35] Rich discuss the NFL MVP race
  • [47:45] Rich says he doesn’t think Jason and Travis Kelce should retire after this year or anytime soon