When Retweeting Goes Wrong… Thanks Pizza Hut!!!

Twitter Retweet Comments Symbol

In this day and age, communication via social media has become the norm for the world society at large. With that in mind, social media interactions will always be either a positive and/or a negative.

Recently, Pizza Hut became the new official pizza of the NFL after they cut Papa John’s off regarding his racist actions and possibly more. Knowing this, we recently took the time out to retweet the story. No harm, no foul–right???

What seemed like a harmless action, to us as well as most people, came with backlash from a random Twitterer…



Now if homeboy can’t see how that’s Black news, we don’t know what to tell him on that.

But in any event, we’d thought we’d take the time out to display a perfect example of how something as harmless as retweeting a news story goes wrong with the quickness.

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