Reasons Why You Should Film a Documentary

Reasons Why You Should Film a Documentary

Many artists, from Nas and Travis Scott to Quincy Jones and Nina Simone, have documentaries memorializing their talent just as much as their music does. Their documentaries cover their life stories, behind the scenes of their creative processes, and insight into what makes them influential artists in their genre and the industry as a whole.

As you grow in your career, further make an impact with your art and creativity through a personal film that takes your audience behind the stage and into the studio. Here are some benefits of filming a documentary and why you should start shooting one.

Added Media Coverage

Documentaries give you added media coverage. They expand the reach of your name and music across vast populations. They share your work and promote yourself to a more extensive range of platforms, from Youtube to Netflix and other video streaming sites. Documentaries take your career as a music artist and dip it into another industry and audience. They also allow you to tell your story to the masses rather than letting an outside source write one up.

Records Your Creation Process

Whether for you or your growing audience, recording your creation process provides a visual representation of your growth as an artist, no matter who’s watching and keeping track. It allows you to look back in the future and acknowledge how you and your music thrived over the years.

It documents successes, struggles, perseverance, processes, and monumental moments in your career and life. You can use your documentary to showcase your story to inspire other aspiring artists or, for more personal, educational purposes, to remind you what worked and what didn’t in the creation process.

Stronger Connection to Your Fans

Documentaries expose sides to a story that’re often left behind the curtain. It uses footage with minimal alterations or scripted content. Filming a personal documentary gives your fans an exclusive look into your life. It makes you more vulnerable to those watching and following your story.

As fans view you in a more raw light, their connection with you and as a fanbase community strengthens. It gives them another way to bond with you other than just the music you create. Some documentaries even give fans added meaning to attach to your creations, further building a connection and interest between them and your work.

Enhanced Creative Portfolio

Like the music industry, film production is a creative outlet that aims to entertain and reach audiences. Shooting a documentary allows you to tap into this other creative medium, enhancing your artistic portfolio.

Not only does it give you a new creative skill to keep in your toolbox, but filmmaking also demonstrates your dedication to creating and sharing art with agencies and those in the art and entertainment industry. It builds your repertoire as an artist, showing off your talents, determination, and creative outlook.

Get your hands on some indispensable documentary equipment and start shooting your story. There are many reasons why you should film a documentary, from expanding your media to connecting with your fan base on a whole new level. Diving into different ways to share your music and spread your name boosts you as a rising star, allowing you to grow your career further.

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