Rapper Xstrav Wrongfully Arrested In Fayetteville Parking Lot

Rapper Xstrav Wrongfully Arrested In Fayetteville Parking Lot

Two videos of the arrest of rapper Xstrav (Christopher Beatty) on April 29 outside an ABC Liquor Store in Fayetteville, North Carolina, have gone viral on the web.

According to LatinRapper.com, Xstrav and fellow rapper Tino Brown were waiting in the parking lot for Money Mal to meet them when a man walked up and asked repeatedly what Xstrav was drinking.

Brown, who was holding a camera or a cell phone, recorded the entire incident.

Xstrav told the man several times he was drinking Arizona Half & Half Iced Tea. Xstrav then asked the man several times to identify himself, to which he finally said “police,” but did not immediately show a badge or other form of ID.

The plainclothes police officer told Xstrav that he was “trespassing” and had to leave the property. When the rapper refused, the officer wrestled Xstrav to the ground and handcuffed him.

The plainclothes police officer did flash what may have been a badge for a few seconds, but apparently did not read Xstrav his Miranda Rights.

In the second video, a police car drove up with a uniformed police officer and Xstrav was led into the police car.

While some viewers have suggested the videos were fake, the North Carolina Court System website shows Beatty was charged with trespassing and resisting a public officer.


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