Rap Monster (@BTS_BigHit) feat. @Wale – Change [Video]

Rap Monster (@BTS_BigHit) feat. @Wale - Change [Video]

Rap Monster, the lead rapper of record breaking K-POP band BTS, today dropped a new single & first collaboration with US rapper, Wale. The song, “Change“, is available with the music video to stream, download, & watch now.

The two groundbreaking artists were introduced via Twitter over Rap Monster’s pre-debut cover of a Wale song and Wale tweeted to him, “Collab??”. After this synchronistic meeting, they became friends through many email exchanges beginning last November and finally met when Wale flew to RM’s native Seoul, Korea for the recording and the video shoot in early March.

​They also found that they shared similar ideas about music, lifestyle, fashion, & the idea that music has the power to change the world for good. While shooting the video on an overnight session, the two had some time to have many conversations about their respective visions.

Rap Monster says:

“I extended the invitation for Wale to join me in Korea to meet and record and shoot the video. We are from different cultures, countries and ethnic backgrounds, but what we have in common is a shared love of music and life. I am proud to share this music with the world and proud to say that my new friend Wale is someone I admire. We had great fun together making the song and shooting the video.”

​International superstars BTS are on their way to the US to embark on a sold out tour and continue breaking records as they enter the main Billboard pop charts with their songs, “Not Today” & “Spring Day” as well as combined YouTube views of those videos at over 100 million.

About RM (Rap Monster):
RM is the leader & main rapper of BTS and is a main contributor in songwriting & production for BTS. RM has written many songs for the group–“Run“, “DOPE“, “I NEED U“, “Lost“, & “Spring Day“–and has participated in producing many other songs such as “Young Forever“. Previous to joining BTS, RM was an underground rapper called Runch Randa and released tracks under that moniker. He also was a known collaborator with other artists in the underground scene. RM now tours the world with BTS and spends most of his free time either reading books or writing & producing for BTS.

You can also give “Change” a listen, via SoundCloud, below…