Ranjini (@RanjiniOfficial) Chops It Up w/@VannDigital + Puts Her Spin On @TheWeeknd’s ‘I Feel It Coming’

Ranjini - I Feel It Coming [Track Artwork]

Indian R&B/Pop singer Ranjini recently chopped it up with The DigiSpot about her cover jawn for The Weeknd’s single “I Feel It Coming”, her journey as an Indian in the American music industry, her Dreamality, Inc. charity, & more. You can give what was discussed a read below…

VannDigital: Seeing that you put your own spin on The Weeknd’s hit single “I Feel It Coming”. What was the inspiration behind your version of the track?

Ranjini: The vibe of the original song is so chill, that I had to do my own female take on it. So I spun the lyrics a little to make it about how a girl can be scared to get into a relationship with a guy because of past pain, but she’s not stuck in victim mode, and is ready to open up to a new love. I had so much fun cutting the remix. It’s my favorite so far!

How did you get your start in the music industry?

I started out in a girl group after auditioning for Grammy award winning songwriter & producer, Quincy Patrick. After the group disbanded, Quincy decided to go solo with my project. There aren’t many Indian artists going mainstream, so he figured there’s a huge void to fill and an audience waiting for their star.

So tell us about QwiLite Records. Do you own any shares in the label or are you just an artist signed to the label?

Yes, I do play an active role in the business side of QwiLite beyond being an artist. Wearing both hats is crucial in this industry.

How does it feel to be an Indian that does Black music?

Music is colorblind. My mom made sure I listened to all kinds of music from many different backgrounds growing up. Whatever moves me in the moment is how I interpret my performance, whether it be R&B, Pop, or Indian-inspired.

So what’s next for your Dreamality, Inc. charity?

I’m really excited about Dreamality because on top of bringing music education to kids in schools that don’t have arts programs, we have just launched our music therapy program for the developmentally disabled. Later this month, we will also be bringing a specially designed music therapy program for senior citizens at nursing homes. While kids are our main area of focus, it’s awesome to be able to branch out and affect people in positive ways through music. You can check us out at www.dreamalityinc.org

Keeping the first question in mind, you can give the music video for Ranjini’s version of The Weeknd’s hit single “I Feel It Coming” a watch below…

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