Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Trinidad Shames

Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Trinidad Shames

Who really thought that Trinidad James was going to last? Seriously? Def Jam (or whatever it is these days) took a gamble, and apparently it hasn't paid off... Next, Lil Wayne gets checked by a gang member? Is it foolish and safe for these artist to rep the gang culture? And how about those pre-paid cards? Not working out so much huh? For these topics and more, get in!


The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits:
"Has-Lo & Castle - Go To Work"
"Planet Asia & TzariZM (featuring Montage One) - Lion Hearts"
"Dilated Peoples (featuring Sick Jacken) - L.A. River Drive"
"ArtOfficial (featuring Kendall Morgan) - Soul Music"
"Lord Finesse - Soul Plan (featuring Roy Ayers)"

Albums Of The Week:
"Has-Lo & Castle - Live Like You're Dead"
"Dilated Peoples - Directors Of Photography"
"The Jazz Jousters - Art Attack"

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