Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Nikki, Iggy, Miney, Moe

Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Nikki, Iggy, Miney, Moe

One of these days, rappers are going to be able to accept definitions. This ain't the day though.

So Nikki first says she doesn't want to be considered a "female" rapper, but after her 5th consecutive, uh, award, her comments contradict that. Or do they? We also have more Hammer talk. It's a quite interesting topic. And more backlash at "Urban" radio. Get in now, don't wait! Listen, then send this show to those that you know need a dose of REAL Hip Hop talk!


The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits:
"Apani B Fly – Number 1 Sound"
"Cesar Comanche – Trust 3"
"Pumpkin & Vin'S da Cuero (featuring Boog Brown & Rita J. [from Le Beau Temps]) – Louder"
"The Legion – For You"
"Paula Perry – Extra, Extra"

Albums Of The Week:
"Cesar Comanche – Like A Night In The Thief"
"The Legion – The Lost Tapes"
"JuSoul – Quince & Soda"

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