Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: It’s The NEWWWW Style

Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: It’s The NEWWWW Style

Or maybe not, maybe it’s a line designed after Mad Max, or Hunger Games. At least that’s what it looks like. We’re wondering how many folks are going to run out and grab them jawns for $350 a pop! Times don’t change, someone will be grabbing those, just like back in the day someone was grabbing those ugly LA Laker color converse. (Sorry King Killa lol)

How long does it take for a whole team to jump ship? We’re watching Cash Money, and we’ll be able to tell you soon. This and a bunch of other topics waiting for you when you click the button! Let’s go!!!

The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits:
"Rocdwell (featuring Rob Jewels) – Breakin’ Dawn"
"K-Hill & Debonair P (featuring Omniscence) – Root 4 Me"
"Foster & Cazz – Black Mask"
"Lewis Parker & Eastkoast – All Or Nothing"
"A.G. – Hidden Crates"

Albums Of The Week:
'K-Hill & Debonair P – Truck Jewels & Filters'
'Lewis Parker & Eastkoast – MK Ultra (Operation Hypnosis)'
'Harris Cole – In My Dreams'

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