Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Dusty Vinyl

Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Dusty Vinyl

It’s your show! And this week we did it just like you like it… REAL. Cutting no shorts. We get to the heart of the issue when it comes to Hip Hop… Call us Dusty Vinyl, Hip Hop Dinosaurs or whatever else… you won’t get a better listen on Hip Hop topics than you will after you click play! Holla!!!

The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits:
"Poetik Prophets (featuring DJ Handprints) – Gettings Good"
"Grap Luva & Black Spade – Perfection Is…"
"Soulslicers (featuring Sparkingtin & D.Gotti) – Get Finished"
"Sadat X – What Up Kid"
"Wisecracks – Whaddup Black"

Albums Of The Week:
'Grap Luva & Black Spade – Grap Luva & Black Spade EP'
'Sadat X – Never Left'
'tajima hal – Starving In The Room'

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