Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Dangerous Rap???

Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Dangerous Rap???

So, good ol’ Geraldo has jumped in the “Rap Music Will Kill You” conversation. Is he right? Or is he talking about that which he has no idea outside of a soundbite. Everyone thinks they have the Answers, but “The Artist” will tell you, “You ain’t got the answers!”

We may not even have the answers, but we have the commentary! Congrats to our cousin Common (and John Legend) for that Oscar performance, and win. Guess we can get past 3-6 Mafia now, or can we? LOL

Lots of stuff to get in on, so click the link and get to listening. Do someone a favor and forward this show to someone who needs to know what Hip Hop is REALLY about.


P.S. Look for a dope “Music” show mid-week!!!

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"Relentless The Tangible (featuring Paranom, Oblivious, & Grimm) – Ghetto Child"
"Keith Murray – Laws Of Polarity"
"RED PILL – All Of Us"
"Fela Soul – Still Ego Trippin’ (Soul Mates Remix)"

Albums Of The Week:
'Relentless The Tangible – Vigilante Special Ops'
'RED PILL – Learning To Punch (EP)'
'DJ Danny Dan The Beat Man – Beat Man Sessions: Songs From My Childhood, Part 1'

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