Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Take Your Pick Hip Hop Thrift Shop???

Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: Take Your Pick Hip Hop Thrift Shop???

King Killa seems to think that Hip Hop is something like a thrift shop where artists from other genres can stop by pick up some scraps (twerk, rap, gear) and keep it moving to see if they can benefit from it. I say it's not just other genres but everything in general. LL Cool J promises an album that's not for the ladies, will it be worth a listen? Will he follow the current MC format? Guess we'll see. Most importantly in this episode, we discuss the current state of Hip Hop due to all the cops killing and harassing the black community. Will this build, or is this the sound of the moment? King Killa and e.Color get into it again about Floyd Mayweather. Right or wrong, we had to have words about it. See what YOU think. Let's GO!


The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits:
"Dayne Jordan – I Want It All"
"Blacastan & Stu Bangas – Close Your Eyes"
"Ea$y Money – Nothin Alike (Cuts By DJ Premier)"
"Kid Vishis – Message To The MC's"
"Unique – Pure Dynamite"

Albums Of The Week:
"Blacastan & Stu Bangas – Watson & Holmes"
"Kid Vishis – Timing Is Everything"
"Lusta BĂ­tek – Jazz Pack"

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