Racists Vandalize Michael Clarke Duncan’s Tombstone 1
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Racists Vandalize Michael Clarke Duncan’s Tombstone

There are some folks who refuse to allow Michael Clarke Duncan to rest in peace. Recently, it was discovered that the actor’s grave had been vandalized by racists and the crime is being investigated by the police.

According to Michael Clarke Duncan’s family, a friend went to visit the grave and place fresh flowers down. When the friend got to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood, California. When she got there, she saw a a cartoonish black face head sitting on top of the site marker which is believed to be an image of “Sambo”. In case you don’t know, “Sambo” is a character that has long been one of the most offensive depictions of black people ever.

Michael Clarke Duncan's Vandalized Tombstone [Photo]

Friends and family were shocked by the discovery and contacted the LAPD. Police are in the midst of an investigation and say the vandalism could be considered a hate crime. Although the cemetery removed the racist image from the grave immediately, the family is still highly upset and won’t be happy until someone deals with the consequences of their actions.