Racist White Woman Throws Temper-Tantrum After Black Hotel Receptionist Asks For ID

In a disturbing incident that was caught on video, a woman can be seen hurling racist insults at a New York hotel receptionist.

According to The New York Post, Michelle Rajacic demanded a room at the City Club Hotel after midnight on April 6, 2018. She then began yelling insults and racial epithets after the receptionist behind the counter, 36-year-old Linda Shell, asked her for ID.

In the video taken by Shell, who is black, Rajacic can be seen calling her a “nigger,” “dirty fucking raunchy skank,” “dirty fucking hood rat,” “fuckking ghetto ass,” among other insults. Rajacic also claimed that her boyfriend pays Shell’s wages.

According to a lawsuit filed by Shell, Rajacic also spat on her and struck her in the face with a cellphone.

“After, she kept spitting. I was getting more upset, because that is the lowest thing you can do to someone. I said, ‘OK, ma’am, it’s time for you to go,’” Shell claimed.

“I grabbed her arm and started leading her to the front desk. She then broke her cellphone across my face,” Shell added

Rajacic was arrested by police after the incident and was eventually convicted of third-degree assault.

[via Raw Story]


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