Racist White Man Smacked Upside The Head With Can Of Twisted Tea

Racist White Man Smacked Upside The Head With Can Of Twisted Tea

Ego and more works against a racist white man when he got smacked upside the head with a can of Twisted Tea

A racist white man thought it was a good idea to drop N-bombs left and right in a convenience store before he himself got dropped.

Filmed sometime before Christmas, said racist person caught a can of Twisted Tea to his face after he called a random Black man the N-word numerous times.

Putting a new meaning behind opening a can of whoop-ass, the racist white man (who hasn’t been identified as of press time) would also catch a fist to his face by the same random Black man.

Of course, the racist white man broke down crying after catching his beatdown which goes to serve as another lesson in when trying to act wiggerish goes wrong.

You can see said events for yourself in the following video below and as you watch this video, we want to leave with this story a commenter left under another copy of this video on YouTube:

“Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the store, the words of a drunk man were becoming a chore. He spouted off haughty, braggadocious, and tough but this eve he was naughty and his night would end rough. He was poking and prodding and not backing down, unaware he would wear steel and tin as his crown. With ego and courage, he doubled down fast, unknowing his footing soon wouldn’t last. He pleaded and begged, egged the gentleman on. He puffed out his chest, like an ignorant swan. The aggression was growing , with no final plan…………………………………………..His end was a clap from a Twisted Tea can.”

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