Racist White Couple Accuses Black Woman Of Shoplifting + Pulls Gun On Her

2 Responses

  1. Truth says:

    So the woman WAS charged with theft? So she WAS arrested? Those rascist white people demanding law and order! Shame on them!

  2. lakunstler says:

    Did the store authorize the couple to pursue this alleged thief and draw heat on her? If not, how is this not just vigilantism? Even if the theft did occur, unless this couple was openly confronted with deadly force by an alleged thief, it is wrong to draw a weapon and confront. Wait for LEO to show up. Don’t provoke a battle over a pair of shoes. If a person confronts someone mistakenly, then they would be in the wrong and the person thus confronted could draw and shoot you and be within whatever right to shoot the first person thought they were operating under. Be responsible. Careless firearm usage reflects badly on all owners.