R. Kelly’s Reaction To Dave Chappelle’s ‘Piss On You’ Skit Was…

R. Kelly's Reaction To Dave Chappelle's 'Piss On You' Skit Was...

R. Kelly and his “goons” went looking for Dave Chappelle back when he made the hilarious skit that mocked the “Ignition” singer’s alleged urination sex tape that included a little girl.

Chappelle said R. Kelly stormed his dressing room with his “goons” in tow to demand why the comedian could possibly make such a tape about him.

The comic was captured recalling the episode at the WeHo Improv Wednesday night with his friend and “Chappelle’s Show” costar, Donnell Rawlings.

Chappelle, 45, revealed Kelly, 52, and his crew approached him in Chicago during a Common concert and told him that they were incensed about his “Piss on You” skit.

The former “Comedy Central” sensation said things never degenerated to violence, but he says Kelly grilled him about the skit and asked how he could possibly made a video about him urinating on a girl.

Chappelle’s response was simple, quick and hilarious: “How could you make a video pissing on a little girl.”

Chappelle also addressed some of the criticism he’s gotten after he said comedians need to point out the wrong in the world in the aftermath of Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” docuseries.

You can give the infamous video a watch below…

[via RollingOut]