Quelle Chris feat. MoRuf & Pink Siifu “The Sky Is Blue Because The Sunset Is Red” (Audio)

Quelle Chris feat. MoRuf & Pink Siifu "The Sky Is Blue Because The Sunset Is Red" (Audio)

Quelle Chris shares his new single, “The Sky Is Blue Because The Sunset Is Red”, featuring MoRuf and Pink Siifu.

Hearts Broken. No Mending. Still Gotta Fuck Some Commas Up.”

When an artist creates at the forward edge, there are no guardrails.

Quelle Chris has been comfortable at the boundaries, leading Hip-Hop since he started.

A student of Detroit’s music scene, he cut his teeth with the group Crown Nation and came up with Danny Brown, producing many of his most beloved tracks; including the frenetic “Monopoly”.

Quelle has been on an artistic dream-run with the critically and fan-lauded albums ‘Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often’, and ‘Everything’s Fine‘ with Jean Grae.

He then went on to make ‘Guns‘ before then landing the uppercut with ‘Innocent Country 2’, produced by Chris Keys.

Quelle continues collaborating with the industry’s most creative artists.

From billy woods, to Earl Sweatshirt, Roc Marciano to Mach-Hommy, from The Alchemist, to Mndsgn, to comedians like Nick Offerman and Hannibal Buress, Quelle’s vision extends beyond genre or format.

He continued broadening his creative, Questlove-style ambitions, beyond his own rap albums when he and Chris Keys composed the score for the Oscar-winning film “Judas and The Black Messiah” with director Shaka King.

Known as one of the most dynamic live performers, Quelle Chris gives heartfelt, soul-filled passionate stage shows.

He spent the time we don’t speak of crafting a new, reflective album that hits close to home for many artists and creatives.

The new album, ‘DEATHFAME’, is a sonic treatment produced by Quelle himself, along with Chris Keys and Knxwledge.

The record carries on like an incredible lost tape found at some Baltimore flea market.

It explores, unflinchingly, every moment of the trails the early 2020’s has brought to all of us.

After announcing the new album with “Alive Ain’t Always Living”, Quelle Chris returns with “The Sky Is Blue Because The Sunset Is Red” which also features appearances from Pink Siifu and MoRuf, and is co-produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Knxwledge & Chris Keys.

‘DEATHFAME’ will be released on 5.13.2022 via Mello Music Group.

DEATHFAME‘ Tracklisting:

  1. TEYC [Produced by Quelle Chris & Chris Keys]
  2. Alive Ain’t Always Living [Produced by Chris Keys]
  3. King In Black [Produced by Quelle Chris]
  4. PS1 (Pontiac Sunfire 1) [Produced by Quelle Chris & Chris Keys]
  5. Feed The Heads [Produced by Quelle Chris]
  6. So Tired You Can’t Stop Dreaming featuring Navy Blue [Produced by Quelle Chris]
  7. Die Happy Knowing They’ll Care [Produced by Quelle Chris]
  8. DEATHFAME [Produced by Quelle Chris]
  9. The Agency Of The Future [Produced by Quelle Chris]
  10. Help I’m Dead [Produced by Quelle Chris]
  11. How Could You Love Something Like Me [Produced by Quelle Chris & Chris Keys]
  12. Cui Proudest featuring Denmark Vessey & J Jig Cicero [Produced by Quelle Chris]
  13. The Sky Is Blue Because The Sunset Is Red featuring Pink Siifu & MoRuf [Produced by Knxwledge & Chris Keys]
  14. Excuse My Back featuring Cavalier [Produced by Quelle Chris]

Quelle Chris also announced the UK/EU dates for his “#DEATHTOUR”, which can be viewed below…

Quelle Chris UK/EU “#DEATHTOUR” Dates:

  • 5.12.2022 | Antwerp (Het Bos)
  • 5.13.2022 | Copenhagen (Forbraedingen)
  • 5.14.2022 | Utrecht (Ekko)
  • 5.15.2022 | London (Café Oto)
  • 5.16.2022 | London (Café Oto)
  • 5.18.2022 | Newcastle (The Cluny 2)
  • 5.19.2022 | Glasgow (Broadcast)
  • 5.20.2022 | Edinburgh (Voodoo Rooms)
  • 5.22.2022 | Leeds (Belgrave)
  • 5.23.2022 | Nottingham (Bodega)
  • 5.24.2022 | Liverpool (Kitchen Street)
  • 5.25.2022 | Birmingham (Rainbow)
  • 5.26.2022 | Southampton (The Rainbow House)
  • 5.27.2022 | Bristol (Dareshack)
  • 5.28.2022 | Hebdon (Zwolle)
  • 5.29.2022 | TBC
  • 5.30.2022 | TBC
  • 6.1.2022 | TBC
  • 6.2.2022 | Bordeux (TBA)
  • 6.3.2022 | Lyon (Periscope)



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