Q&A: @LucidOptics (@Modern_Language) Chops It Up w/@VannDigital

Lucid Optics (of Modern Language) on October 6, 2016 [1st Press Photo]

California emcee Lucid Optics (of Modern Language) recently took the time out to chop it up with us @ The DigiSpot about various topics & you can see what was discussed below...

Describe a day in the life of Lucid Optics.

Usually mornings are for art and productive stuff but lately I’ve only had enough time to catch up on responding to emails and things like this interview. If I’m working I ride my skateboard 2 miles to my friend’s ma and pa coffee shop, then ride home and work on music into the night and usually into the next day. I might practice guitar, bass, keyboard, turntables, make a beat or write lyrics. There are lots of variations and phases, but when it’s just me and my grind that’s what I’m doing lately.

Lucid Optics (of Modern Language) on October 6, 2016 [2nd Press Photo]

Who’s your favorite rapper ever & why???

I don’t have a favorite. Sometimes I want to listen to Aesop Rock, sometimes I want to hear MF DOOM, sometimes it’s Illogic, others it’s Slug. Different people bring different things to the table, I guess I’m a moody person and sometimes the personality behind one rapper is better for how I’m feeling than another.

What do you think is the future for underground Hip-Hop?

It’ll be overground Hip Hop. What I mean is technology will make it easier to learn and pick up. Instruments and software you need to produce will be even more accessible. I think Hip Hop and other music in general will become a bigger part of people’s lives, and the great stuff will be valued that much more. There’s a myth in Western culture that some people have it and others don’t. The truth is we all have the capability, some people choose to practice and get better and others don’t. Genetics may play a part in determination and consistency, but anyone who puts in time and thought will get results. I picture Hip Hop being an amoeba taking in different art forms and genres, pieces of culture that continue to develop and change the original life form. I’m hoping with all the diversity and options it will be easier for young artists to be interesting and original, and find their niche faster than we can today.

What’s a life motto you try to live by???

I just keep moving, keep it fresh and interesting. If I’m complacent I fall into some deep depression, so I got one major project going at all times. I usually got stuff on the back burner if I hit roadblocks in the main goal. Like right now, I got a tour coming up in February with my dude Airospace. That main project has a bunch of little steps I can do daily whether it’s actually sending emails to book shows, practicing the set at home or open mics & local shows, contacting friends and fans in the cities we’ll be in, getting in touch with colleges in the areas… I like having so much to do it’s impossible to finish it all. Feeling exhausted is 1000x better than feeling depressed. I’m also working on a lot of music with my friend Illogic. We’re sitting on an album I still need to mix, and we’re trying to get an EP out this fall/winter to lead into the album release. I’m someone who needs these big tasks I can break into chunks and chip away at each day.