Q&A: G.C. aka @G0dzChyld Chops It Up w/@VannDigital

G.C. a.k.a. Godz Chyld on February 14, 2017 [1st Press Photo]

G.C. aka Godz Chyld recently took the time out to chop it up with The DigiSpot about his 'Reborn' EP, the world as a whole, & more. You can give what he had to say a read below...

VannDigital: Do you think the world has gotten significantly crazier in recent years? America has definitely become a less dangerous place to live than the days of the 80s and 90s. When you say “Crazy” what do you think is the root of that?

G.C. aka Godz Chyld: Well if you're living in Chicago right now I don't think you can say the America is a less dangerous place and if you're an immigrant afraid to get deported or if you've had a family member who has been shot or beaten by a police officer you can't say America is less dangerous either. I think we're living in a crazy world right now, it just depends what side you're looking at it from and I think the cause of it is the same as it's always been. There are just so many more tools now to push agendas on the minds of the people and distract them that they don't even notice It's happening. For example, right now there's a cyberworld and a real world and most people can't even differentiate the two at times. On top of that we’re living in a world where what's righteous is wrong and what's wrong is openly accepted and praised. That seems kinda crazy to me. Even Hip Hop today is a music that came from people from the bottom and spoke about our struggles and was on the route to becoming a way to keep the people conscious and aware, but it's become an instrument to destroy our youth and promote a lifestyle that's detrimental to the community the music came from. That's crazy.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned in the independent music game?

That most dudes that are big in the game is because of connections and money and not talent. This game is a lot of politics and there's a lot of blogs and people in positions of power that play into the politics and that if you're going the independent route it's harder to get recognized just off of talent and content but the payoff will be better. Not even talking about money with the payoff but the fact of knowing that when I get posted somewhere or someone gives me a review there was no money behind that - it made it off its own merit.

G.C. a.k.a. Godz Chyld on February 14, 2017 [2nd Press Photo]

What’s your beat selection process? Do you have producers you prefer to work with?

I feel like I can rhyme to almost any beat and put my imprint on it but when I choose beats I listen until I find something that inspires me to write. It has to make me feel a certain kinda way that inspires the outlook of the song. Like the song “Crazy” - that beat literally painted a scenery in my mind that brought those lyrics about. It reminded me of growing up in the hood and what that felt like. The same with every other song on the project. “True & Livin” just made me feel like it's the last days and I came at it that way. That whole song is really about letting the differences in conscious groups go and coming together as a nation. That's what the "New & Livin" is: the people who have always been conscious & considered as the “True & Livin” letting go of the minor differences that divide them and forming something new.

How do you think people will look back on 'Reborn' in ten years?

There's a lot of possibilities for what can happen but best case scenario would be people realizing that it was realer than most of the music out at the time. I'm talking about a lot of concepts that I don't think everybody is ready for right now especially since they've been rocked to sleep by most of the music in hip hop today, but that's what art is supposed to do: bring about new and different concepts that make people think and feel. There's a lot being said in just those 6 songs so they should look back and see that this project is what hip hop is all about. Plus I did this with really no budget. People will look back and say “this dude made music at this quality with no label or anything just off of being talented and dedicated.”

As a New Yorker, what are your thoughts on the New Yorker currently in the White House?

I don't think much about him. I got one king and that's God. There's really nothing he can do that God doesn't allow him to do. With that being said Trump is nothing new and he's nothing surprising to anyone who's awake. There can be no justice on stolen land. This country was built off of murder and slavery but what's deeper than Trump is the fact that many people all across this country, whether they're citizens or judges or mayors, are not having it and are fighting for the rights of everyone in this country and I think that's a beautiful thing and proof that people don't really need to be governed that much. We know right from wrong in our hearts.