The Purpose Of Snoop Dogg’s New Single Is To ‘Make America Crip Again’

Snoop Dogg - Make America Crip Again [EP Artwork]

Effortlessly cool, slyly menacing, and undeniably influential, Snoop Dogg conquered the rap game to become an omnipresent cultural icon, a successful entrepreneur, and a respected community leader. Using his cultural and political capital to advocate for caring and unity, Snoop announces his Make America Crip Again (MACA) album, featuring appearances from Chris Brown, OT Genasis, Ha Ha Davis, Designer Flow, October London, and Shon Lawon, with production from Ben Billions, Dâm-Funk, Los and more. Make America Crip Again releases on October 27th.

Responding to a government that doesn’t represent for certain communities, Snoop offers an alternative with MACA–if the government won’t provide education, or care, or affordable food, then the community will have to look after itself. Though the album title is a brazen challenge to the current administration, Snoop seeks to unite, not divide with the new album, offering a quality collection of music that only the Doggfather can provide. Distributed by EMPIRE, Make America Crip Again showcases all sides of the legendary rapper, from the loving husband on “My Last Name,” to the quintessential stoner on “Dis Finna Be a Breeze” and the streetwise OG on “None of Mine.”

“It’s not a statement or a political act: it’s just good music. Certain people feel like we should make America ‘great again,’ but that time they’re referring to always takes me back to separation and segregation so I’d rather Make America Crip Again. What I mean by that is – in my lifetime, that’s when young black men in impoverished areas organized to help their communities and to take care of their own because society basically left them for dead. A lot of people glorify the gang banging and violence but forget that in the beginning, the Crip’s main and sole purpose was to be the reflection of the Black Panthers. They looked after kids, provided after school activities, fed them and stepped in as role models and father figures,” said Snoop Dogg.

“When you listen to my records, there’s always been a mix of conscious records and party records and this EP continues that trend. I’m taking it back to the era of being for ourselves and for everyone else. I’m for the evolution of people coming together and being one as opposed to being separate. Music is the best way to heal.”

Today, Snoop drops the latest single and titular track, “Make America Crip Again” from the album. Riding a dramatic piano-led beat with interpolations of Slick Rick’s “Hey Young World” and “La Di Da Di” (which Snoop Dogg also sampled on Doggystyle), “M.A.C.A.” is a powerful declaration of purpose and a call to action for young people to make the world a better place. Produced by Ben Billions, the track finds Snoop calling for an end to gun violence, addressing NFL owners for their treatment of Colin Kaepernick, and decrying the rising tide of racism in the country: “This still AmeriKKKa with three K’s, believe that shit/The world is yours, my n*gga, so go and see that bitch/Every chance you get, hit that lick and get that shit/Put yo name down and yo thang down and we gonna Make America Crip…Again.” “M.A.C.A.” is the second single from Make America Crip Again, following the stoner’s anthem “Dis Finna Be A Breeze,” which released last month.

Make America Crip Again‘ Tracklisting:

  1. M.A.C.A. (Produced by Ben Billions)
  2. 3’s Company featuring Chris Brown & OT Genesis (Produced by Don City)
  3. Good Foot (Produced by Kid Capri)
  4. Dis Finna Be A Breeze featuring Ha Ha Davis (Produced by Niggarachi)
  5. None of Mine (Produced by Ben Billions)
  6. My Last Name featuring October London (Produced by Los)
  7. Sports Center featuring Designer Flow
  8. Fly Away featuring Shon Lawon (Produced by Dam Funk)

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