#PuffDaddy Claims Voting Is A Scam & Advises Youth To Flex Their Social Power

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During the #AskDiddy panel discussion at the Revolt Music Conference, P. Diddy answered a few questions and dished out tons of opinion.

It all started when a young lady from New Jersey asked the hip hop mogul how young people could get their voices heard in the upcoming presidential elections, reports Essence Magazine.

Diddy responded:

“See the things that’s tricky about politics is there’s so much bullshit with it. We started Vote or Die and…and from the community we’re in, we’re not with hearing too much of the bullshit. So that’s why we get disenfranchised, [we’re] disconnected because nothing that they’re saying actually relates to us.”

He continued:

"So Vote Or Die, and getting out the vote, those things [were] laid out there so people could understand about the process. We started Vote or Die, and the whole process was all full of shit. The whole shit is a scam.”

However, the rapper wanted to make it clear that he was not trying to turn anyone away from voting:

“At the end of the day I’m not telling you not to vote. “But I’m saying be a realist & know that they motherfucking kicking some bullsht up there."

He insisted that power can be used in other ways:

“Use your power socially. We have different aims and the young have more power than ever. You got 200 followers, if you decide that you want to make it a topic of discussion & that thing goes viral… So do your part, and leave the bullshit out of it. Let’s make a difference in this election. We all can play a part.”