@PsalmOne & Angelenah (@ILoveAngelenah) Present The Music Video For 'Impatient (Just U & Us)'

MP3: @PsalmOne feat. Angelenah (@ILoveAngelenah) - Impatient (Just U & Us)

As the first lady of Rhymesayers Entertainment, Psalm One has been making noise in the underground rap scene for nearly a decade. With her new visual, "Impatient (Just U & Us)", the brainy emcee proves she's anything but ordinary. The video has the Chicago artist teaming up with fellow Rapper Chicks member Angelenah (fka Angel Davanport), who sings with a demanding urge on the song's chorus.

Psalm One explains:

"The song is very dark. It's about a lover who is convinced she is making the right choice, but is really weird about waiting for the love she desires. "I'm all about genre-bending and gender bending as well. [The Rapperchicks] all worked hard on the 'P.O.L.Y.' album and we wanted to show our group in the video. We also wanted to be the protagonists. So we decided to flip genders real quick and be the dark heroes of this story of us trying to find some good energy in the city at night. Good energy is everywhere but it's not always where you're looking. And you have to be patient."

Psalm One's recently released 'P.O.L.Y. (Psalm One Loves You)' album alludes to the philosophy of polyamory, with Psalm One delivering playful, seductive wordplay complemented by developed production and live instrumentation.

Psalm One told Complex:

"I'm growing as a woman, as a person, and as an artist. As of the past year or so, I've been exploring polyamory. That is the practice of maintaining multiple loving relationships. It is a super challenging lifestyle, to say the least. Ups and downs, tears and joy. I have always been a serial monogamist, so my life has been turned upside down. As a result, my music has gotten more lush, and I've been able to open up my platform and peer group to more incredible musicians. I'm very community oriented now. Not so much into 'scenes.' I'm into sharing my crazy life with amazing people who deserve it."