Give The Promo For @KingdomKome's Upcoming Album, 'All Beasts Show Their Teeth', A Watch Here…

Kingdom Kome - All Beasts Show Their Teeth (Promo) [Album Artwork]

'All Beasts Show Their Teeth' takes you on a conscious ride

'All Beasts Show Their Teeth' by Argentinian-born & Miami-raised lyricist Kingdom Kome, features collaborations with renowned artists Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Prodigal Sunn (Wu-Tang Clan/Sunz of Man member), Copywrite, Omniscient, Dynas, Ras Ceylon, Zynzelay, Soarse Spoken, Hell Razah (Wu-Tang Clan/Sunz of Man member), & many more!!! Production talent includes STREETRUNNER, C-Lance (Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, R.A. the Rugged Man), Ill Vibe, DJ Ruen, & Kingdom himself.

Kingdom Kome in the lab on August 15, 2016 [Press Photo]

Due out September 1st, 'All Beasts Show Their Teeth', an album a year in the making, scratches & slams into your thoughts with some of Kingdom Kome's best works to date. With beats that bang & raps that enlighten, this sophomore album takes you on a different path with each track through beating chords & rhythms as well as lyrics that yell to the inner mortality of man.

His first three singles released off the album, "Higher", "Shadow Empire", & "When I Die (Farewell)" provide a glimpse into Kingdom's 14-track boom bap opus, shedding layers as he continues to grow & evolve as an artist. 'All Beasts Show Their Teeth' provides a reflection of where this thought provoking emcee is standing in life, how he sees & responds to the world. Hard, gritty, and dark, 'All Beasts Show Their Teeth', promises a profound journey that sets your humanity to thought with each track.