@Pragmaddix (@Artemis_Diesel @QwykCardino) Provide Us w/ ‘Solar Panels’

@Pragmaddix (@Artemis_Diesel @QwykCardino) Provide Us w/ 'Solar Panels'

Emcees Artemis Diesel & Qwyk Cardino, bka Pragmaddix, have been tearing up stages & tracks all over North Carolina in 2015. Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Pragmaddix is part of the ever-growing Boone, NC #CypherUnivercity movement, originally founded in Raleigh, NC.

Spitting hot tongue twisters at cyphers, and wreckin’ mics at live shows is a normal thing for this duo, and with their newly-released album, ‘Solar Panels‘, they are hoping to invite the world to be a part of their movement.