@Power1051 Interview: @TreySongz

Power 105.1FM interviews Trey Songz

Power 105.1FM | When asked about Ne-Yo’s comment, Trey calmly stated that didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

In case you missed it, Ne-Yo said in his interview with The Breakfast Club that there’s an “emotional disconnect” in R&B. Ne-Yo used Trey an example, I feel like he could be a serious problem in this world. If he decided to really put that emotion in there. No disrespect to Trey”

But when The Breakfast Club revealed that Ne-Yo regretted the comment as soon as he said it, Trey was unimpressed:

“One thing about being in this game and having done it for so long, you know situations you walking into and I never say things where I feel like I shouldn’t have said it.”

“When you say something, and you say ‘I shoudn’t have said it,’ you shouldn’t have said it.”

Ouch, Trey looks like he’s still upset about the comment.

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