Pook Paperz On His Relationship w/PnB Rock: ‘It Wasn’t About No Money’ (@Pook215Paperz @MTMovieStar)

Pook Paperz On His Relationship w/PnB Rock: 'It Wasn't About No Money' (@Pook215Paperz @MTMovieStar)

South Philly emerging artist Pook Paperz speaks with Mikey T the Movie Star about recording with PnB Rock in the early stages of his career before signing with Atlantic Records and how the relationship grew after purchasing the hook, “Been Through It All“, for the small amount of $150.

Featured on his ‘Feel My Pain‘ mixtape (currently sitting at over 1 million views), the two continued making music together on Rock’s ‘RNB 2‘ street banger “Rats“.

PnB still shows support to the Philly rising artist appearing on his recent tape, ‘Fuck You Play Me 2‘, as well as showing him continuous support on social media.

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