Polow's Mob TV (@PolowMobTV) Presents: Pyrexx (@RealPyrexx) [5.11.2013]
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Polow’s Mob TV (@PolowMobTV) Presents: Pyrexx (@RealPyrexx) [5.11.2013]

Polow’s Mob Tv Presents Pyrexx Live With Mob Tv Exclusive Thorough Breadz Edition

In This Episode We Catch Up With Pyrexx & Sit Down & Chop Game About His Life Growing Up How He Met Trae The Truth & Y He Desided To Leave ABN & Started Thorough Breadz TBZ Shares Memory About RIP Money Clip D How He Met Bubba What Hes Working On The Hole 9 With Behind The Scenes Live Performance & Music Videos & Much More All In The Jam Packed Pyrexx Thorough Breadz Edition –Polow’s Mob TV