Podcast P With Paul George: “Fixing Clippers, Ja Morant Advice, & All-Time 2-Way Players”

Podcast P With Paul George: "Fixing Clippers, Ja Morant Advice, & All-Time 2-Way Players"

NBA All-Star Paul George reflects on the Clippers 5-game losing streak plus gives the people a sneak peek of the new Intuit Dome on “Podcast P”.

The DigiSpot shares highlights from today’s episode of the new original series from Wave Sports + Entertainment, “Podcast P with Paul George”, hosted by eight-time NBA All-Star Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers, along with his best friends Jackie Long and Dallas Rutherford.

During the episode, PG looks back on the Clippers recent 5-game losing streak and how the team is not far off from where they want to be ahead of the playoffs.

PG also shared what it was like playing in their epic matchup against the Sacramento Kings where both teams combined to score 351 points, the second most in NBA history.

Later in the episode, PG shares insight from the team’s tour of the new Intuit Dome, and shares his thoughts on the Ja Morant situation — offering up some words of encouragement.

Episode Highlights:

[04:04] Paul George looks back on the Clippers recent 5-game winning streak

It was tough because we got Russ and everything that was surrounding him at the time and we go on this losing streak, so of course it was quick for everyone to try and blame him for it which is stupid because Russ honestly was playing unbelievable…So it was tough to go through it while we were struggling with getting wins.”

[04:35] PG on playing in the second highest scoring game in NBA history and how tough it is to prepare for Sacramento’s fast-paced offense

The game against SAC, double OT, how do we lose! We damn near score 400 points between the two of us. In general we knew it was going to be a fast-paced game just with the pace that Sacramento plays with, you can’t mimic it. No amount of practice we did to get ready for them, you can’t mimic the speed they play at. But we felt good. We haven’t gotten offensive baskets like that in a long time. So when we added Russ, I felt while that game was going on I was like ‘this is it right here’!’…They just were scoring at a rate that was like ‘damn, we cannot stop these dudes’ and before you know it 120, 130, 140, 150 and it was like a heavyweight fight!”

[10:03] PG touches on the Clippers new acquisitions and how those guys have acclimated themselves to the team

The greatest thing about this team and adding the new guys, there are no assholes on the team. Everyone is cool and everybody is on the same page when it comes to the same page of figuring this out together…So it’s good that it starts there and now that we’ve had some days off in-between to practice, we really nipped a lot of stuff in the bud with these practice days. When you add new guys mid season you gotta realize people are coming from other programs that do things totally different. So they gotta re-program themselves to the way they play. It’s gotta be different now because you gotta do different stuff for this team. But on the court and off…These aren’t just guys that are thrown in there, these are guys that are gonna make an impact for us so it’s gonna take a little time for them to re-program and get up to speed on how we do things…I think it just took a little minute but us going through that patch of playing close games and losing those is definitely gonna pay off.”

[18:36] PG Shares insights on the new Clippers arena and some of the exciting high-tech features coming to the Intuit Dome

There’s five full-court basketball courts in there…There’s two practice courts, the main court, then there’s an outside court for fans to come and play. There’s a big screen where they can watch the game outside while we’re playing. Then there’s like another one that he can put for communities, it’s just a community court for people to use….The craziest sh*t about the arena is the concessions. He’s got cameras all around, so when you go and buy stuff, when you get some chips or something to drink, you don’t pay for it. You’ve got to sign up and put all your information, but it has your face scanned from the moment you walk into the arena. You just pick up and grab whatever you want, and when you walk out, it checks you out automatically.

[31:59] PG offers his thoughts on the Ja Morant situation and shares some words of encouragement

One thing I don’t want him to be is not himself. We gotta respect who he is as a person. I don’t want him to shape up to be someone he’s not just because the microscope is on him. I think as a young kid that’s maturing and growing up, you’ll realize that some people are good for you and some people aren’t. That’s part of life. There’s no love lost, it’s part of maturation as a man. The plan is to always grow, so I think he’s going through it now…In the grand scheme of things, we’ve all made mistakes, we’ve all had to learn from mistakes that we’ve made and Ja is no different.”

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