Philmon Lee feat. Young Thug “Baby Don’t Cry” (Video)

Philmon Lee feat. Young Thug "Baby Don't Cry" (Video)

Vocal powerhouse Philmon Lee returns with new single, “Baby Don’t Cry” featuring Young Thug, today.

Making a momentous return, LaGrange, GA singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and vocal dynamo Philmon Lee is back with a brand-new single entitled “Baby Don’t Cry” featuring Young Thug.

The track illustrates the buzzing artist’s progression and spotlights his immediately arresting vocals front-and-center.

Sonically, it merges a head-nodding guitar riff, piano, and irresistible beat-craft boosted by finger-snaps.

Philmon’s vocals alternate between a falsetto-spiked pre-chorus and a chantable refrain, “If you were mine, I would never hurt you. I’d love you all day forever and always.”

Then, there’s Thug’s otherworldly and off-kilter flow, adding another dimension altogether.

The song came to life in the wake of Thug professing his fandom for Philmon over the past few years and even theorizing on social media he might headline the Super Bowl halftime show one day.

In the accompanying video, Philmon strolls into a bar only to partake in the exact scene he sings about as he uplifts the spirit of a tearful young lady.

Simultaneously, Thug cruises in a classic car and raps into the rearview mirror.

About the track, Philmon commented, “It was really a blessing. Thug heard a couple of my tracks and wanted to meet me. I went to the studio, and I played him a bunch of records. A couple of weeks later, we got together again, and he hopped on ‘Baby Don’t Cry’. Honestly, he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He’s really humble, and he gave me a lot of gems about the industry. Lyrically, it’s about a girl whose feelings are hurt by another dude, and you’re trying to relate to her and let her know you’re the better option.”

Philmon dropped his ‘706‘ EP to critical acclaim in 2021 after a string of buzzy singles that showcase his raw, one-in-a-generation talent.

Along the way, he received critical praise from many major diverse publications.

Right now, he’s prepping more music for release in 2023.

Stay tuned!!!

Philmon Lee feat. Young Thug "Baby Don't Cry" (Video)

About Philmon Lee:
No instrument matches the natural power of the voice.

It rises up directly from the gut and through the heart, carrying every bit of emotion and truth with it.

Philmon Lee wields his voice with no shortage of passion, poise, and poetry.

He can belt to the heavens and back, but he can also lean into the groove with an innate sense of soul.

Make no mistake, he can rock out with primal gusto too.

From the moment he sings, the Georgia singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist instantly leaves an imprint.

Surrounded by musicians in his family, he picked up multiple instruments as a kid in the small town of LaGrange, GA, developing his skills on piano, guitar, and drums.

He cut his teeth on tour with his dad and cultivated his vocals through constant practice.

Under the influence of everyone from Elvis Presley, Elton John, and Steven Tyler to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Post Malone, he grinded locally with countless gigs before signing to Epic Records in 2020.

Following his buzzing debut single “Memories”, he gained traction with “No Saving Me” featuring Lindsey Stirling, paving the way for his acclaimed 2021 ‘706’ EP.

Generating millions of streams and inciting the applause of many major diverse publications, his voice continues to captivate on a series of 2023 singles and much more to come led by “Baby Don’t Cry” featuring Young Thug.

Philmon Lee’s “Baby Don’t Cry” track is also available now to stream and cop on all major DSPs