Penelope “Body Keeps The Score” (Audio)

Penelope “Body Keeps The Score” (Audio)

R&B singer-songwriter Penelope releases her new single, “Body Keeps The Score”, off the upcoming “Assassin” soundtrack.

New Jersey based singer-songwriter Penelope (Shanice Robinson) releases her new single “Body Keeps The Score” off the upcoming soundtrack for Bruce Willis’ final film “Assassin” released earlier this year from Saban Films.

This new single follows Penelope’s 2022 hit single “Honest” as well her collaboration with rapper Mr. HUBB on single “Legacy” that has seen a great response from fans and press alike.

This single follows the success of Penelope’s 2021 EP, ‘Stages Of Grief’ which set the stage of what to expect from this talented singer-songwriter.

While some of her music can be categorically labeled R&B, the unapologetic soul and message of her songwriting can speak to anyone.

The messages of Penelope’s music touches on a range of personal topics surrounding mental health, including infidelity, abuse and more, creating meaningful songs that not only help her process events in her life, but can also become beacons of hope for others facing the same struggles.

Her music is real, and so is she, Penelope keeps her mission clear.

I feel like my life’s work is getting young people to know and understand that some of us have mental health issues that we aren’t addressing properly,” she advises. “And through my music, I want people to know, that it’s okay not to be ‘normal’.”

When asked about her latest single, Penelope said, “‘Body Keeps The Score’ speaks volumes on how men suffer in silence. This was my piece to a person that I love letting them know that I was there. So often men don’t want anyone to know that they’re struggling internally. I made it so that he’d know he can come to me express emotions, and it won’t be held against him or thrown up later. I see you, I love you & I’m here. With no expectations.”

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Penelope had the music within her from a young age, singing in church at just five years old.

She later relocated with her family to Stockbridge, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, where she attended middle school.

Penelope ran track and was a cheerleader, athletically excelling as the highest toe touch on her cheerleading squad and named the fastest female runner in her state.

While Penelope was a model athlete, she was an introvert who struggled with making friends and often found herself in trouble in high school—getting into fights, where she felt like she couldn’t contain her rage.

Her anger was compounded by depression, leading to debilitating chronic migraines.

She attempted suicide three times in her teenage years, and thankfully failed.

She started writing poetry as a means to channel her emotions, though making music wasn’t too far in the distance.

Penelope enrolled in college, majoring in medicine, but two life-altering events led to her temporarily leaving.

One was a vicious assault, and the other was the birth of her daughter.

My daughter became my reason to succeed at everything I did,” she explains.

Penelope started writing songs and roughly recording music over the years, unsure and unconfident about bringing it into the world.

She finally decided to actively pursue music in 2018, cutting her first track and releasing it in 2019.

I loved Penelope Garcia on ‘CBS’s Criminal Minds’, so I started recording under the name Penelope,” she says of her moniker’s origin.

However, it became much more than that.

Much like Beyoncé with Sasha Fierce or Clark Kent with Superman, Penelope marked a transformation and a place to go where her insecurities and inhibitions were left at the door.

Now, after recently signing with ThatHUBBLife ENT, a socially responsible, entertainment records label, Penelope is geared for stardom, making music with a message and real substance.

While Penelope is the face, the real strength dials back to Shanice, who didn’t let her life experiences define her, they only fuelled her passion to make a difference.

Stay tuned to Penelope’s social medias (Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube) for more information on her as well as updated on future singles from this talented singer-songwriter.