Paul George On Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls: Cold Calls’

Paul George On Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls: Cold Calls’

Today, we share with you the latest episode of “Cold As Balls: Cold Calls” from Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud featuring six-time NBA All-Star, Paul George.

During the episode Paul joins Kevin to share his feelings on the return of the NBA, discuss why the Clippers remain in win-now mode and reveals his initial feelings of frustration after being traded from Indiana to OKC. Later in the episode, PG shares his one-of-a-kind painting of him and Kobe Bryant sharing a moment during the 2016 NBA All-Star game – something he describes as his most treasured pieces of sports memorabilia.

Additional episode highlights include:

  • PG on his initial reaction to learning he’d been traded to OKC. “OKC honestly came out the blue…When my agent called me and told me ‘I think you’re going to Oklahoma’ It fucked me up.” -4:11
  • On his relationship with Russell Westbrook and how it was leaving the Thunder. “I love Russ as a brother. I have so much love for Russ. That was the first phone call after I had word of what was going on and the possibility of leaving. And I had that call with him and he supported me 100 percent.” -5:10
  • PG sharing his most prized piece of sports memorabilia “This is one of my favorite Kobe moments and I wanted something to have a lasting positive memory from him.” -8:35

Tune-in next Tuesday (6.30.2020) for the season finale of “Cold As Balls: Cold Calls” featuring Russell Wilson.

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